About The Team

Pfortune Art & Design, Inc. provides affordable solutions to all of your custom art and framing, general contracting and custom woodworking needs. From corporate, commercial and healthcare to personal collections, Pfortune brings 16 years of experience and expertise to fulfill each client’s unique needs. Since 1996, Indianapolis has consistently turned to Pfortune Art & Design for its custom art and framing and has returned for the quality and professionalism that has been the staple of Pfortune since the very beginning.

Pete Weaver

After graduation from Purdue University-West Lafayette in 1986 with a Bachelor of Science from the school of Consumer and Family Sciences, Pete was offered a job with Hyatt Hotels in his hometown of Indianapolis. During his year-long stint as a Corporate Management Trainee, a chance encounter with Hyatt’s corporate art consultant during a property renovation inspired Pete to pursue the same occupation. [READ MORE…]

William “Ned” Sutton

After discovering the love of woodworking craftsmanship through his grandfather and his father at an early age, Ned has pursued this art his entire life.

Making something functional and appealing with his own two hands gives a sense of accomplishment that is hard for Ned to explain. “I guess it’s just in my DNA,” he says. [READ MORE…]

Bruce Draper

A native of Monticello, Indiana, Bruce has led a broad and interesting life.  After attending Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN, he made a monumental decision to defend his country—and served in the United States Army from 1984-1988 as an Airborne Ranger; 1st Battalion, Long Range Surveillance Unit; 7th Cavalry (Germany). [READ MORE…]