Do we have established hours in which we are open to the general retail public?

Actually, everything we do here at Pfortune Art & Design is custom and by appointment only. However, if you are in the neighborhood and would like to stop by and say “Hi” we encourage you to call ahead just to make sure we are here!

Since we are a custom only shop our prices must be higher than the “big box” stores located in strip malls throughout the city, right?

Quite the opposite! Since we are a small, locally owned and operated small business we have direct control over our margins and overhead costs. We can work within any budget and encourage you to seek estimates at other places to verify our low “apples to apples” prices.

Do we install items such as existing artwork, mirrors, etc. that we do not manufacture? 

Yes, we do. We charge at an hourly rate for 1-2 installers plus hardware depending on the size of the project and weight of some items.

Do we offer delivery and installation to your home or business?

You’d better believe it! For a small added cost we will not only deliver your completed work but we will hang it professionally within your desired specifications. Safety is our number one priority, so please take our advice when it comes to our recommendations for proper installation.

Do we package and ship custom framed items?

Yes, we do. Depending on size, we will pack and ship your custom framed items through UPS Ground/Freight. If the item is too large for us to comfortably pack we let UPS handle it. All costs for packing and shipping are billed on framing invoice.

What is our average turn-around time on custom framed items?

Depending on production load in-house at the time, we can usually have your work completely ready to go within 5-10 working days, sometimes faster if we are given permission to use stock materials. FYI, custom framing requests are generally more frequent around the year-end holidays.

Is it OK to use our art catalogs/frame materials off premises to make decisions with concerned family, staff or committee?

Absolutely! Whatever you need from us to facilitate your project and satisfy your vision is cool with all of us here at Pfortune Art & Design!