Pete Weaver

After graduation from Purdue University-West Lafayette in 1986 with a Bachelor of Science from the school of Consumer and Family Sciences, Pete was offered a job with Hyatt Hotels in his hometown of Indianapolis. During his year-long stint as a Corporate Management Trainee, a chance encounter with Hyatt’s corporate art consultant during a property renovation inspired Pete to pursue the same occupation.

During a six year “commissioned internship” with a local decorative art consulting firm from 1989-1996, Pete was exposed to every aspect of his chosen trade; from delivery and installation of custom site specific framed artwork to corporate presentations of creative ideas, specifications and alternative media, and working with interior designers, architects, facilities managers, department heads and residential homeowners along the way.

Through the internship, Pete came to excel at handling clients with different needs, challenges and budgets. After six years, Pete resolved to put his acquired knowledge and skills into practice by starting his own firm.

Pfortune Art & Design, Inc. was conceived in 1996, and has been visibly active in the art scene of Indianapolis for the last sixteen years. The range of clientele has spanned from healthcare and institutional art programs to corporate executive spaces and private residences.

When not working on client projects at Pfortune, Pete enjoy spending quality time with family and friends, including cooking out, having get-togethers and being the life of the party.

An avid sports fan, and former baseball player at Purdue University, Pete frequently attends many events each year. Never one to let life get too quiet, music is an intrinsic part of Pete’s life. With interests spanning from pop to country, his taste in music is as eclectic as his clientele.

Other hobbies include travelling, playing golf, running, cycling and working in the yard.

Pete’s father is his biggest influence in life, having taught him to laugh and have fun. Pete lives his life by his father’s favorite quote, “Every day above ground is a good day!”